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SERTEC has six manufacturing sites, as well as a Logistics Hub in the Midlands UK, plus a manufacturing site based in Germany and another in Hungary and a tooling operation in China. The company has proven world-class performance and we are experts in transfer and progression presswork, welded assemblies, tube manipulation, exhaust bright trim and wire forming.

We have developed particular expertise in Aluminium weld technology and have invested heavily in robotic plant and equipment to fulfill the advancement of lightweight platforms for our customers' vehicles.  

Through Sertec's experience, gained from over 52 years of supplying the automotive industry, we offer complete solutions to our customers.

In the Midlands Community

At Sertec we take our corporate and social responsibilities extremely seriously and we firmly believe that our involvement with the local community and our attitude towards responsible business practice is one of the many reasons why people want to work for us, and work with us.

We currently work in partnership to support various organisations, including the likes of Coleshill School, Holly Lane Football Club, Coleshill Town Football Club & University of Birmingham Rugby League. Click here to discover more about Sertec in the Midlands community. 

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